Worm farm subsidy

The City is offering its residents and ratepayers a $115 subsidy on the purchase of an advanced worm farm set-up which comes complete with worms, worm castings and a comprehensive instruction booklet. Alternatively, you can obtain a $50 subsidy on 1kg of worms. Find out more on the Worm Farm Subsidy(PDF, 212KB) fact sheet.

Worm farming  is a simple way of converting food scraps and other organic materials into nutrient-rich products for the garden. A worm farm produces worm castings and ‘worm wiz’ which are both natural and non-toxic. Worm farms also help to reduce waste, improve soil and protect water quality and they contribute to a thriving garden. 

You can purchase worms and worm farms at the free worm farm workshops, provided by the City of Swan in partnership with The Worm Shed. Please note that you must attend the whole workshop to claim the subsidy and you will need to bring cash on the day to the workshop to pay for your worm farm.

What does it cost?

Option 1 - Worm Café setup

  • Includes a "Worm Cafe" worm farm, three months of castings to use as bedding, 1kg (approx. 4,000) worms, 500g dolomite, a worm blanket and a comprehensive instruction booklet. 
  • The unit cost is $235 for the worm farm and all materials (details below)
  • The subsidy is $115
  • Your price to pay is $120.

Option 2 - Worms only

  • The unit cost is $110 for 1kg of worms
  • The subsidy is $50
  • Your price to pay is $60
  • You may purchase a larger quantity of worms if desired, but the maximum subsidy for worms only is $50.

To claim the subsidy:

  • Pre-order your worm farm or worms when you RSVP
  • Attend the workshop with proof of your address or a rates notice
  • Pay in cash on the day and collect your order to take home
  • Set up and enjoy.

Dates, locations and times for all workshops are listed on Current Events or call 9267 9267 for information.

If there are no City of Swan worm farming workshops coming up, you can claim the subsidy by attending a workshop hosted by another participating Council