Native animals in the City of Swan

In the City of Swan, there are a number of native animals that can only be found in the south west of Western Australia.

To help native animals you can:

  • Grow native plants - they provide wildlife with food and shelter.
  • Put a bird bath in your garden and wash it daily to prevent the build-up of harmful diseases.
  • Avoid using pesticides in the house and garden as most are toxic to reptiles and insect eaters.
  • Look out for native animals when driving.
  • When fishing, do not leave fish hooks, line, sinkers, plastic bags or any other litter behind. They are dangerous to our native animals.
  • Do not litter. It is a common cause of injury to native animals.
  • Join a wildlife or conservation group and learn how to care for native animals properly.
  • Manage your cats and dogs to help our wildlife.
  • Never feed native animals as it can cause them harm. Find out why on our water birds page.
  • If you find yourself having a close encounter with snakes, never try to kill them. Find out why on our snakes page.

Unfortunately, we also have a large number of feral or introduced animals which are putting our native animals at risk. Feral animals often have no natural predators and consequently develop large populations. Our native animals have not evolved to compete and are often displaced of their homes or feeding sites by these feral bullies.