Weed control

Weeds are plants that occur outside their natural range. Weeds compromise the integrity of a bushland, therefore it is very important that weeds are controlled.

The City of Swan's bushland maintenance program prioritises works based on site location and weed threat. A variety of weeds occur on the City's reserves where highest priority for management include those named on the weed list below. Methods of weed control include:

  • Herbicides(PDF, 2MB)
  • Hand control
  • Mechanical methods
  • Cultivation
  • Mulching and smothering
  • Competition
  • Use of fire
  • Biological control.


Weed list of plants commonly occuring in Swan

African Lovegrass Eastern States Acacias Olives
Agapanthus False Bamboo Opuntia
Agave Fennel Pampas Grass
Annual Veld Grass Fleabane Paspalum
Apple of Sodom Fountain Grass Patersons Curse
Arum Lily Freesia Perennial Veld Grass
Birch Fumaria Pink Wild Gladiolus
Black Berry Nightshade Gazania Pinus
Black Flag Geraldton Carnation Weed Pittosporum
Blackberry Geraldton Wax Prickly Lettuce
Brachyciton Glossly Nightshade Rose Pelargonium
Brazilian Pepper Grape Vine Sheep\Slender Thistle
Bridal Creeper Great Brome Soursob
Broadleaf Weeds Guildford Grass Sparaxis
Cape Lilac Hesperantha Stinkwort
Cape Tulip Isolepis prolifera Tagasaste
Cape Weed Jonquil Tambookie Grass
Castor Oil Juncus acutus Thistle
Chasmanthe Kikuyu Grass Tribolium
Cissus Lavender Typha
Coastal Tea Tree Lupin Vetch
Common Fig Monoculus Daisy Watsonia
Couch Grass Narrowleaf Cotton Bush Wavy Gladiolus
Date Palms Oak Weeping Willows
Dog Rose Oleander Wild Oats
Eastern States Eucalyptus