Local Planning Scheme No.17

What is a Local Planning Scheme?

A Local Planning Scheme is a legal document that sets out policies and controls for how land in a particular local government area can be used and developed. It contains information about long term planning and strategies and about how infrastructure and development will occur in the area.

Why do we have a Local Planning Scheme?

The City of Swan is responsible for planning its local communities by ensuring appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development. The City does this by preparing and administering a Local Planning Scheme and strategy. Local governments are required to prepare a Local Planning Scheme in accordance with the Planning & Development Act 2005 and the relevant regional planning scheme.

Can I view the City of Swan’s Local Planning Scheme No. 17?

View the City's printable PDF version of Local Planning Scheme 17(PDF, 3MB)  (last amended December 3, 2021)

To view a section of the Scheme, you can select the relevant parts (printable PDF version):

Local Planning Scheme No.17 Zoning Maps

A zone is the classification of land in a Local Planning Scheme, which guides the use and development of the land, excluding land in reserves.

Each zone has a set of objectives which are considered in the assessment of a planning application. You can use Interactive Property Maps to identify zones and other planning information. 

The Zoning Table page of the City’s Local Planning Scheme 17(PDF, 3MB) (last amended December 3, 2021) lists the zones in the top row and indicates through the use of symbols which land uses are allowed under each zone. A range of use classes is detailed in the left hand column. By cross-referencing this column with the zones, you can see where each use class is permissible under Local Planning Scheme No. 17.