Local Planning Policies

A Local Planning Policy sets out specific rules for different development types. It is still prepared under the provisions of Local Planning Scheme No.17.

Local Planning Policies are extremely useful, as they give guidance about how a development will be assessed by planning authorities.

This information is important when preparing an application or design for the building of any type of structure.


Building & Development Standards


Commercial Development & Zones

POL-TP-125 Building and Development Standards - Commercial Zones(PDF, 65KB)

POL-LP-1-10 Provision of Public Art(PDF, 74KB)

POL-C-058 Private Development within City Road Reserves(PDF, 50KB)

Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy - Retail Needs Assessment Report(PDF, 5MB)

POL-TP-124 Building and Development Standards - Industrial Zones(PDF, 76KB)

POL-C-061 Filling of Land(PDF, 49KB)


Residential Development & Zones

POL-LP-11 Variation to deemed-to-comply requirements of the R-Codes Medium Density Single House Development Standards(PDF, 124KB)

POL-C-061 Filling of Land(PDF, 49KB)

POL-C-066 Ancillary Accommodation(PDF, 36KB)

POL-E13.11 Inclusion of Pedestrian Accessways in Residential Subdivisions(PDF, 35KB)


Rural Development & Zones

POL-TP-126 Building and Development Standards - Rural Zones(PDF, 100KB)

POL-C-009 Grouped Dwellings in Rural Zones(PDF, 53KB)

POL-C-089 Dams(PDF, 69KB)

POL-C-090 Keeping of Livestock(PDF, 55KB)

POL-C-066 Ancillary Accommodation(PDF, 36KB)

POL-C-080 Building Envelopes(PDF, 41KB)

POL-C-060 Rural Subdivision Revegetation(PDF, 46KB) 

POL-LP-1.10 Local Planning Policy - Provision of Public Art(PDF, 74KB)

POL-C-061 Filling of Land(PDF, 49KB)


Other Development & Zones

POL-TP-127 Building and Development Standards - Other Zones(PDF, 52KB)

POL-C-059 Telecommunication (Mobile Phone) Facilities(PDF, 56KB)


Vehicle Parking

POL-TP-129 Vehicle Parking Standards(PDF, 102KB) 

POL-C-101 Construction of Privately Funded Parking Areas within a Road Reserve(PDF, 62KB)



If a property is subject to a drainage contribution area, the landowner/developer is required to make a financial contribution towards the upgrade and supply of required drainage and stormwater quality treatment works. Please contact Statutory Planning Services for further information on (08) 9267 9267. 

POL-C-040 Midland District Drainage Development Reserve Fund(PDF, 187KB)

POL-C-096 Guildford and South Guildford District Drainage(PDF, 84KB)

POL-C-062 Hazelmere Residential Areas Drainage Improvement(PDF, 890KB)



POL-E9.2 Floodplain Management and Development(PDF, 80KB)



POL-C-070 Advertising Signs within Commercial & Industrial Zones(PDF, 40KB)

POL-C-071 Advertising Signs within Rural Zones(PDF, 40KB)

POL-C-118 Swan Valley Permanent Signage(PDF, 56KB)


POL-C-111 - Local Planning Policy - Woodbridge Conservation Precincts - APPENDIX1.(PDF, 8MB)

POL-C-111- Local Planning Policy - Woodbridge Conservation Precincts - APPENDIX_2.(PDF, 46KB)

POL-C-111 Local Planning Policy - Woodbridge Conservation Precinct(PDF, 1MB)

POL-C-106 Local Planning Policy - Guildford Conservation Precinct(PDF, 2MB)


Structure Planning / Urban Growth

POL-C-104 Environmental Planning(PDF, 147KB)

POL-C-088 - Subdivider Contributions for Henley Brook Drive and Millhouse Road(PDF, 88KB)


Extractive Industry / Landfill

POL-C7.12 Development of Commercially Owned or Operated Landfill Sites(PDF, 53KB)

POL-C-061 Filling of Land(PDF, 49KB)

POL-C11.2 Clay Extraction(PDF, 37KB)