Interim Notices

Interim Notices may be issued for a variety of different reasons, including:

  • Your land has been subdivided or amalgamated;
  • The original property is now a strata of units;
  • The completion of a new building;
  • Additions to, or demolition of existing buildings;
  • The valuation used on your rate notice was not up to date.

In the case of a new subdivision, the property needs to be re-valued by the Valuer General's Office. Once completed, interim rates will be levied and a copy of the Interim Notice will be sent to any settlement agents involved at the time. Settlement agents are quite often holding monies in trust to pay rates. You will need to contact your settlement agent if this is the case.

Find out more about appealing your interim rates, if you believe your Basis of Valuation (Gross Rental Value) is incorrect.

Swimming Pools

The annual fee per swimming pool/spa barrier inspection is $38. 

State Government Legislation requires the City to physically inspect the safety barriers for all private swimming pools and spas to ensure compliance with safety standards. The fee charged to property owners is to cover this requirement. If your pool/spa is removed, please advise the City in writing to ensure this charge is cancelled. 

For further information on the Licence Inspection process please contact the City on 9267 9267.