Dog registration payments

Once your dog is registered with us, you will be issued a registration certificate, as well as a valid registration tag which your dog is required to wear on its collar.

A registered animal is easier to identify and reunite with its owner if lost or injured. It provides valuable information on the City’s dog population to help investigate and resolve dog problems and helps plan for animal facilities, such as exercise areas.

To advise the City of Swan of any changes in your dog registration, please contact Customer Support on 08 9267 9267.

Please note:

  • Dog Breeders are unable to register online and must complete a hard copy form.
  • Please notify the City immediately about any changes relating to your cat's registration, including the relocation, sale or death of a dog.
  • Dog registrations expire on October 31 each year (excludes Lifetime registrations). As from June 1 each year, half the normal fee will be applicable to the FIRST annual registrations only.