Make a donation of goods

It is with great pride and pleasure that we acknowledge the overwhelming community support and outpour of public generosity that has been demonstrated in recent weeks, with pledges and donations of support to the impacted communities of the recent bushfires.

At a local level, the continued work of the Country Women's Association and associated Volunteers, alongside the City of Swan, has been instrumental in filling gaps and immediate needs being widely recognised. 

While we are deeply appreciative of all the offers and donations of goods to date, we remind our community that the most effective way of supporting affected communities is to give exactly what is needed by donating money to meet disaster-related expenses.

We encourage you to check out The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund if you'd like to make a financial donation, or view charities and organisations through DFES accepting donations – or contact one of our local charities or community groups directly.

As individuals navigate their own way through their recovery process, we as a community are experiencing changing support needs, ranging from essential and immediate items (such as security, hygiene and meals) through to return, relocation and rebuild support (such as financial support for specific items and temporary accommodation fit outs).

Our virtual donations warehouse

To target the needs of all those affected by the disaster, ensuring individuals get exactly what they need, when they need it most, the City of Swan are working with numerous local and Not for Profit agencies to establish a virtual donations warehouse.

This warehouse allows individuals, charities and or associated agencies to send through requests and pledges of support, which will be verified by City staff prior to adding to the register. We will then work with the locally identified agencies to match and marry up needs/requests to pledges.

The City of Swan does not and will not take ownership, and will not accept donated goods/materials (unless by prior arrangement) as the pledge is a gift from one community to another.

If you would like to pledge a material donation, fill out our form below and we'll let the right people know.

We thank you, our wonderful community, for your overwhelming generosity.

Please note, sometimes scammers impersonate genuine charities and ask for donations or contact people claiming to collect money for relief efforts after natural disasters. To find out if the charity you may be interested in is a licenced charity visit the Department of Commerce.

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