Waste & property clean-up

Bin & verge collections

We are collecting general waste and recycling bins. General waste and green waste tip passes are also available at the Bushfire Recovery Centre.

Green waste removal

The City is mindful of the accumulation of green waste on properties affected by the recent bushfire. Following the initial state-led clean-up of debris, if you still require assistance with green waste removal, please contact the City with the approximate amount and location on your property on 9267 9267 or email bushfirerecoverygroup@swan.wa.gov.au. They City will organise either mulching or collection following the initial state-led clean up of debris.  

Special bulk collection

We ask you to please keep any bulk green or general waste items on your property and not on the verge for now. Our priority is to ensure the roads and road verges are safe and clear of debris. 

Skip bins

Residents can contact the Bushfire Community Recovery Centre for tip passes.

Bushfire Community Recovery Centre
Opening hours: Wednesdays 9am-5pm, Thursdays 9am-6pm, Fridays 9am-5pm (or by appointment)
Address: Unit 4, 2125 Toodyay Road (next to the Gidgegannup Bakery and Cafe)
Email: bushfirerecoverygroup@swan.wa.gov.au
Phone: 0438 242 356 during business hours. 

Coordinated Residential Clean-up Program

The Wooroloo Bushfire Coordinated Residential Clean-up Program has reached practical completion, with all 135 registered sites marked as complete.

There are a small number of properties that need sand deliveries and scrap metal pickup and that will be completed shortly.

Recycling of material was a priority throughout the clean up effort. The amount of rubble recycled was 8,829 cubic metres, up from 8,710 last week. Asbestos waste (including soil) stands at 3,288 tonnes. General waste is at 3,432 tonnes and 108 tonnes of metal have been recycled.

The next step is to complete the Site Completion Reports for each property and then issue Completion Certificates to the respective landowners. So far 25 have been issued.

Residents are thanked for their patience and cooperation during the clean-up program. Regular updates will no longer be provided about the clean up process. Anyone seeking more information about the clean-up can call 1800 328 997.

The Wooroloo Bushfire Coordinated Residential Clean-up Program is jointly funded through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement 

Additional clean-up help - Disaster Relief Australia

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) have a team of volunteers ready to assist with clean-up. If you require assistance with your property clean up, please call 0419 193 301 or email info@disasterreliefaus.org

For more details visit www.disasterreliefaus.org

Green Waste and Mulch

A free delivery service of mulch is available for affected residents. Each property is entitled to around four truckloads of mulch, which is roughly 50 cubic metres. Register your interest, email bushfirerecoverygroup@swan.wa.gov.au with the following information:

• Full name,
• Address for delivery,
• Phone number/email address,
• Exact location of where mulch is to be dropped on property, and
• The number of loads you would like delivered (a maximum of 4 is available).

Green waste removal is available for affected residents and will commence week starting October 18. If you haven’t been in contact and would like green waste removed from your property, email bushfirerecoverygroup@swan.wa.gov.au with the following information:

• Full name,
• Address of green waste,
• Phone number and/or email address,
• Approximate M/3 of green waste and number of stockpiles, and
• Exact location of green waste.