Machinery and equipment washdown bays


Washing down machinery, vehicles or equipment must be done in an approved wash down bay facility. For properties connected to sewer this will require approval from the Water Corporation for a trade waste permit. For properties without sewer, approval from the City will be required by lodging an Application to construct or install an apparatus for the disposal of sewage(PDF, 336KB).

Generally for wash down bays a form of pre-treatment will be required prior to disposal. This is usually in the form of a petrol and oil separator which removes hydrocarbons from the waste water before it is discharged. Wash down bays over 20m2 should also be roofed to prevent rainwater entering the system.

More information about the requirements of wash down bays is provided in the City's Guidelines.

Guidelines for the design and operation of wash down bays(PDF, 388KB)

Where wash down bays are provided with an apparatus that treats wastewater prior to discharge, these are required to be maintained as per the manufacturers instruction. In order for oil water separators to work effectively, quick or rapid break detergents should be used.