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We are experiencing a higher than normal demand for pre-booked collections. Please plan ahead for your verge collections.

The City's pre-booked bulk verge collection service (formerly known as on-call) will provide residents with year-round access to collections.

Read more about pre-booked collections.

Follow these steps

Step 1.Before you book

  • Check what can be put out on your verge for green, general household bulk waste, and mattress verge collections. 
  • This service is only available to residential properties in the City of Swan.
  • Visit what goes on my verge for more information.

Step 2.How to book your collection

  • Clicking on the book now button below will open a map in a new window. You will need to enter your address in the search box to find bulk verge collection dates available for your property.
    Example of where to enter your address
  • Next you can pick from the available dates to book your collection. Clicking on a date link will open the booking form.
    How to select the booking date


Step 3.Ready to book?

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Terms & Conditions apply

Step 4.After you book 

Before you put your items out make sure you follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you put your items out by 6am on the day of your scheduled collection
  • Do not put items out more than two days prior to the day of your scheduled collection*
  • Do not allow items to obstruct the footpath
  • Do not place items under trees, against power poles or their supportive wires
  • Do not have a pile that is more than three (3) cubic metres 
  • Do not leave items not intended for bulk collection on the verge
  • Do not place items near fences, letterboxes, water meters or on sprinklers.

* Putting your items out more than two days prior to the date of your scheduled collection could result in an infringement for illegal dumping

Pre-booked verge collections began on July 1, 2018 and replaced the yearly scheduled collections. This service is only available for residents of the City of Swan.

You will have year round access to a maximum of two pre-booked verge collections per financial year. These can be a combination of any of the following (maximum of 3m3(PNG, 80KB)):

Plus up to three (3) mattresses can be pre-booked for collection each financial year.

As you fill out the bulk waste booking form you will be presented with up to five available collection dates for your property. You can then choose which bulk waste options you want us to collect.

All bookings are subject to availability. 

Please note that only booked collections will result in items being collected

Book a verge collection 

Why the change

  • It provides you with a more flexible year round service, allowing you to schedule pick-ups within a predetermined set of dates. All bookings are subject to availability.
  • It will be more environmentally sustainable. The new system will allow us as a community to recover more recyclable material and send less to landfill. 
  • It is more cost-effective and efficient. Fees for landfill are increasing, if we can divert from landfill we won't need to pass these additional fees on to you.

The Recycling Centre in Bullsbrook and recyclable goods drop off days will also still be available for residents to dispose of recyclable material throughout the year.

What we collect

For a full list of what will and won't be collected from your verge please visit our What goes on my verge page.

Mattress collections 

Mattress collections are in addition to the other pre-booked verge collections per year. You are entitled to a maximum of three (3) mattresses to be collected per financial year, which can be in one booking of three mattresses in total, or up to three bookings with one mattress per booking. You can book your mattress collection at the same time as your other bulk collections, or separately.

Please note: Mattress bases will not be collected as part of a mattress collection, these will need to be included as part of a household bulk waste collection.

Household bulk waste collections

Household bulk waste collections include a mixture of general bulk items such as furniture, as well as recyclable items such as metal and e-waste. Any of these items can be put out as one collection on one collection date. Separate booking requests for different days will count as separate collections.

Below is a brief example of the types of items collected from your verge:

  • E-waste - only includes: televisions, computers, monitors and their peripherals (e.g. keyboards).
  • Metal - includes: scrap metal, fridges, washing machines, and other bulk household items that are primarily metal such as steel or aluminium framed bikes. Swing sets and trampolines must be dismantled.  
  • General - includes: chairs, sofas, toys, cardboard (items too large for your normal bin)

The main items that are not accepted are tyres, glass tables and hazardous waste (paint, gas bottles, batteries, flammable liquids and asbestos).

Green waste bulk collections

Green waste equates to a separate collection to the Household bulk waste. Green waste includes: lawn clippings, tree pruning, leaves, twigs, weeds and flowers. Items can be placed into cardboard boxes. 

Green waste is reprocessed by the City, therefore we will not collect waste if it is put into plastic bags or contains soil, stones, or rubble.

What we don't collect 

The main items that are not accepted include:

  • tyres
  • glass tables
  • hazardous waste (paint, gas bottles, batteries, flammable liquids and asbestos). 

Please visit our What goes on my verge page for a full list of items that can and cannot be put out on your verge for collection. 

Setting out your bulk verge items


Your material should be placed out no more than 48 hours before your scheduled collection date. Any earlier and you could risk being fined for illegal dumping. Collections can begin from 6am on the selected day, so you will need to make sure items are placed out before 6am on the date of your collection.


You must separate your waste into separate piles because:

  • It will help us reduce waste going to landfill.
  • Different trucks will be used to collect the different types of recycled goods.
  • It makes collecting waste more efficient thereby reducing costs to the City and to you.
  • It will ensure all of your booked waste is collected from the verge.

It is very important to correctly select what types of items will be put out when you complete your booking.

If you do not select the correct types of items when you book, some of your items may not be collected, and may result in you having to pre-book another collection at another time. If you need to change your booking details please make sure you contact the City at least 8 days before your scheduled collection on 08 9267 9267.

A diagram of how to separate out different types of bulk verge items is shown below.

Bulk waste layout - please separate these types of waste: green waste, general waste, e-waste, metal and mattresses.



Items can be placed on your front verge, side verge or in a laneway. Please do not obstruct the footpath, your normal bin service or the line of sight for motorists.

We will not collect any items placed against walls, fences, poles, trees, sprinklers and other utilities. We do not collect from vacant blocks, parks or reserves.

You will be able to identify on the request where your waste is to be collected from.

How to cancel or change a collection

If you need to change your booking, please phone the City at least eight days prior to your collection date. Failure to do so may result in you using up one of your allocated bulk collections for the year.

You can call the City on 08 9267 9267.


Forgot your verge collection date?

If you have forgotten your verge collection date, please check your email as you should have received a confirmation for the booking. The subject line will be "Your bulk waste verge collection has been scheduled". Please also check your spam folder.

If you still can't find your booking date, please contact us on 08 9267 9267.

Need more collections

If you have used up all of your allocated collections for the financial year, the City encourages you to look at the other options available to you. These include:

For ideas of how to reduce waste please visit the Be waste wise section of our website.

Tip passes

As with the previous system rural properties are provided with a trailer (tip) pass in place of the verge collections. However, those who receive a tip pass can still book a mattress collection.


Pre-booked verge collections are not available to businesses. If you're a business you may like to visit the other waste disposal options page for more information about getting rid of bulk waste items.




If your bulk verge items weren't collected on its scheduled date, there could be a number of reasons why. 

Was the pile placed on your verge too big, or where we could access it? 

The amount of waste you place on your verge for both types of bulk collections can only be a maximum of three cubic metres in size. Please also make sure we are able to access your bulk waste pile. Here are some useful guidelines:

  • Do not allow items to obstruct the footpath
  • Do not place items under trees, against power poles or their supportive wires
  • Do not have a pile that is more than three (3) cubic metres
  • Do not leave items not intended for bulk collection on the verge
  • Do not place items near fences or on sprinklers

Did you put your bulk waste out too early, or too late?

Bulk waste must not be placed on the verge for collection more than two days prior to the collection date, it also should be placed on your verge before 6am on your scheduled collection.

Was your bulk waste pile contaminated?

Did you place items on your verge which were not included in the list of acceptable items? Check out our Waste and Recycling Guide(PDF, 2MB) to be sure of what counts as household junk waste and green waste. 

If you have waste that can't be put in your bin or collected via bulk verge collections, you may be able to take some of these items to our regular Recyclable Goods Drop-off Days. For other ideas of what to do with your waste, check out the Be Waste Wise section of our website.

What next?

A notice should have been placed in your letterbox explaining why your bulk waste wasn't picked up, instructions on what you can do, details of who you can contact and a timeline for return collection.

Unfortunately, your collection service won’t resume until you rectify the situation.