Cleanaway South Guildford

A significant structural fire took place at the Cleanaway South Guildford Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on November 25, 2019. Find information from the City and Cleanaway.

December 20, 2019: Update on works at 72 Hyne Rd, South Guildford

Following the fire on 25 November at our Material Recovery Facility in South Guildford, Cleanaway would like to provide an update on the site and planned works.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we are working to ensure the site is stable and contained to ensure the safety of all team members attending the site and to continue to protect the local environment. We have a care and maintenance plan in place and the site will be monitored over the Christmas period. 

Cleanaway intends to rebuild to provide resource recovery capability for the future recycling needs of WA businesses and residents. Our plans for the new facility will be developed in consultation with WA local authorities including local and State Government to ensure the construction and resulting facility are aligned with WA needs and expectations.

We will communicate again in the new year to give you an update on our plans and expected works at the site. Our Community Hotline is available for residents and local businesses to speak to someone about the site: 1800 213 753.

December 11, 2019: Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (“Cleanaway”) provides the following update on the fire at its South Guildford materials recovery facility:

Following the fire last week at our Material Recovery Facility in South Guildford, Cleanaway’s first priority was to work with the emergency services to ensure the safety of the site and the local community. Cleanaway is pleased that no fire damage was sustained by any adjacent buildings and that no injuries were sustained. Cleanaway notes that the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has continually monitored air quality and regrets any discomfort or inconvenience caused to residents. The site was formally handed back from emergency services on Monday 2nd December and we are taking steps to remediate the site as quickly as possible

Cleanaway continues to work with our customers and other recycling processing facilities to manage the recycling that was previously received at the MRF. While we work to increase capacity at facilities across the state, Cleanaway is continuing to investigate options for the remaining material that will otherwise unfortunately be going to landfill. Cleanaway strongly encourages all businesses and residents to continue recycling as they were previously.

Cleanaway shares the community’s concern at the loss of this facility and the impact on recycling capability in Western Australia. We sincerely thank our customers and the community for their patience and support over the past weeks.

Cleanaway intends to rebuild the facility to provide industry-leading resource recovery capability for the future recycling needs of WA businesses and residents. We are not yet able to advise a timeline for rebuilding.

Over the coming weeks as the building is demolished, there may be some debris and dust that is visible from this activity. There will be dust suppression systems and weather monitoring programs in place to minimise impacts on the local community and environment.

Please contact a local doctor or ring Health Direct on 1800 022 222 if there is a medical concern, or refer to the following website:

Our Community Hotline is available for residents and local businesses to provide feedback: 1800 213 753.

 Get in touch with Cleanaway to ask questions or provide comments using the following form.  

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Following the Cleanaway South Guildford fire, the City of Swan immediately diverted its household recycling to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) in Canning Vale for processing.

The City of Swan is pleased to announce that an agreement has been made between Cleanaway and the South Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) for the ongoing processing of the City's recyclable materials.

Until Cleanaway's original facility is back in operation, the SMRC will receive and process the City of Swan's recycling.

With the assistance of Cleanaway and the SMRC, fortunately none of the City of Swan's recycling has reached landfill during this recent period. We thank both organisations for their hard work to find a solution to this matter, and our residents for their continued commitment toward recycling correctly. 

The City is committed to best practice recycling and requests that all residents continue to place the correct items in their yellow lid recycling bin. 

For more details on what is accepted in the recycling bin visit the recycling pages.

Air quality in the area is being monitored and although no air toxicity levels have been detected at ground level, dense smoke and odours may cause irritation, sore eyes, coughing, a runny nose and an asthmatic response.

Anyone who feels affected should consult their General Practitioner who is best placed to address underlying or pre-disposition health concerns.

Please refer to the DFES website for further information. 

While unlikely that chemical deposition onto roof catchments have occurred, any residents in the South Guildford area with rainwater tanks for drinking, cooking or personal washing and whose properties were downwind of the fire site, and /or received ash deposition onto their land, may consider diverting the first flush (next rain) to waste, or a holding tank pending results of testing by DWER.  

Please visit the DWER website for further information.