Refund points

This service has been postponed due to COVID19. 

Containers for Change are coming to Western Australia, however due to COVID-19 this service has temporarily been postponed. Subscribe to page updates to be notified about when this service will become available.

They are planning to offer hundreds of container refund points mainly operated by local community groups. The deposit scheme will let you cash in eligible drink containers for 10 cents each.

The types of containers covered in the scheme include plastic and glass bottles, paper-board cartons, and steel and aluminium cans between 150 millilitres and three litres.

Examples of eligible beverage containers in the scheme include:

  • soft drink cans and bottles;
  • bottled waters – both plastic and glass;
  • small flavoured milk drinks;
  • beer and cider cans and bottles; and
  • sports drinks and spirit-based mixed drinks.

A more detailed list is available from the Department of Water and Environment Regulation.

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