Plans and Instalments

If you're unable to pay your rates in full, you may use the four instalment payment option (payment option 2) or contact the City to discuss arranging an individualised rates payment plan without incurring administration fees (penalty interest still applies).

Four Instalment Payment Option (payment option 2)

Paying by instalments can help to smooth out all your bill payments - particularly if you're budgeting.

The Four Instalment Payment Option allows you to pay your rates in four instalments. However, certain conditions apply when choosing this option:

  1. You must pay the first instalment by the due date specified on the Notice. Otherwise, this option will no longer be available to you and you'll need to pay the amount in full. If this happens, penalty interest of 5% pa will accrue on a daily basis on your rates charge and any applicable Additional Charges, each day your rates remain unpaid (eligible pensioners/seniors excluded).
  2. Council will charge interest of 5% per annum, added to all rates and applicable charges levied on ratepayers participating in the formal rate instalment program (eligible pensioners/seniors excluded).

  3. The adopted Four Instalment due dates for 2019/20 are:

  1.  30 August 2019
  2.  1 November 2019
  3.  17 January 2020
  4.  20 March 2020

Individualised Payment Plans

If you'd like to discuss the option of arranging an individualised payment plan, please contact the City.