Temporary trading on City land


Trading on City owned or managed land can help activate spaces and be beneficial not only to the business in question but also the wider community.  However to ensure these activities do not adversely impact public safety or amenity and as the land owner it is important that the City has oversight on this issue.  It is also important to ensure existing businesses are not disadvantaged.

Temporary trading must therefore adhere to the requirements of the City's Consolidated Local Laws 2005 which requires operators to first obtain a licence.  Trading includes the selling or hiring of goods, wares, merchandise or services on any land either owned or managed by the City of Swan.  To simplify the process the City has developed a Temporary Trading in Public Places Policy.

This Policy establishes a number of scenarios in which specific activities will be deemed to have a licence without the need to formally apply providing certain conditions are adhered to.  It also establishes a number of pre approved or 'designated locations' in which operators will simply need to make a booking instead of applying for a licence.

In summary the following situations prevail;

  • Deemed Licence - operators of these activities do not need to apply for a licence providing they adhere to the conditions in the Policy.
  • Designated Locations - operators at these locations do not need to apply for a licence but are required to make a booking via the City's Leisure Facilities.
  • Undesignated Locations - operators will be required to lodge an application for a Street Trading Licence and will in most cases also require Planning approval in the form of a Development Application.
  • Alfresco Dining - food businesses wishing to include an alfresco dining area which is on City land will need to lodge an application for an Alfresco Dining Licence as well as a Development Application.
  • Street Entertainment - buskers and similar street entertainment or performers wishing to operate on City land will need to lodge an application for a Street Entertainment Licence.  This does not apply to performers on private property (with the consent of the property owner) or as part of an approved public event.

Further information can be found in the following documents and links.

Copy of Policy

Temporary Trading in Public Places Policy(PDF, 1MB)

Application Forms

Street Trading Licence Application Form(PDF, 351KB)

Alfresco Dining Licence Application Form(PDF, 193KB)

Street Entertainment Licence Application Form(PDF, 261KB)

Notification of an Exempt Food Business Form(PDF, 162KB) (to be used by food traders at an approved public event or when a 'deemed licence' applies)

Fact Sheets

Temporary Trading on City of Swan Managed Land(PDF, 266KB)

Alfresco Dining on City of Swan Managed Land(PDF, 166KB)

Other Links

Leisure Facilities Booking

Planning Development Application


For further information on trading on City owned or managed land please contact the City on 9267 9267.