Beat lab 2: Building Bass lines, Chords and Melodies

Event description

Welcome to the beat lab! A 3 part series introducing you to the world of music production, beat making and all things electronic music.

Bring along a USB if you’d like to save your work and take it home with you.

10/10: Crafting beats.

Beats are bits of music that can be looped to experiment with raps, try different lyrical or melodic ideas, or just to jam out to. Beats can also be extended to make longer songs. In this session we’ll be using a few tools in music software called Ableton Live to make and experiment with a few different beats.

17/10: Sampling audio

Sampling is a music technique that has been an important tool in music production since the 1960s, and was an integral element in the popularisation and development of hip hop culture and rap in the 80s. Sampling involves grabbing a piece of music or audio and looping, warping or editing it in some way to make a completely new song.

In this session we’ll be sampling songs and other audio as a foundation to make your own beats and songs. If you’d like to sample a specific song, feel free to bring a .wav or .mp3 of the track.

24/10: Building Bass Lines, chords and melodies.

In this program we’ll be learning how to make a bass line, chord progression and melody for your beats and songs. We’ll also be looking at how to pick software instruments that work together and change how they sound in Ableton Live.

Please book in as spaces are limited. For all enquiries contact Ballajura Public Library on (08) 9207 8686.

Please note that this program is suitable for ages 13+, and is a hands-on workshop. Photographs and videos may be taken of the event. Please book one ticket for each person attending.

Location details

Ballajura Public Library, Kingfisher Avenue and Illawarra Crescent North, Ballajura, 6066

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Date and time
Tuesday, October 24, 2023 | 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM
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