11 The Avenue Midland

11 The Avenue Midland

11 The Avenue Midland is available to hire. Offering 9 unique rooms including a central office desk space, two large meeting spaces, two smaller conference rooms, two interview office spaces and two small consulting rooms. This communal meeting space is conveniently located in the heart of Midland CBD, making it a central, yet affordable venue hire option. 

Available to hire by staff and the community at large, get a group together and engage in activities in this large, versatile indoor venue.

Venue hire begins at $10 per hour for non-commercial access to one of the conference, consulting or interview offices. For commercial use, venue hire starts at $15 per hour. Larger meeting spaces are also available ranging from $13.50 per hour, up to $23 per hour depending on size and needs. This creates excellent value for money for the community and staff alike.

Whether you need a space for a staff meeting, party or group workshop. Work or play. 11 The Avenue Midland has plenty of rooms and amenities to suit your event or function. 

For bookings, please contact our Facility Bookings Team at 9267 9321 or by email at      facility.bookings@swan.wa.gov.au.

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