Pop Up Movie trailer hire

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A Pop up Movie is a great and simple event that brings the community together to connect, celebrate an occasion, activate a space, or increase awareness of a group or cause. The City now has a Pop Up Movie trailer available for community groups and clubs to hire. This allows you to host movie nights of your own within the City! 

The Pop Up Movie trailer is free for eligible community groups, clubs and not for profits within the City to hire, with a refundable bond.   

The Pop Up Movie trailer includes all the equipment required to set up and show a movie both indoors and outdoors, including a generator for power.

Please read through the conditions of use(DOCX, 37KB) and frequently asked questions before completing the online booking form for the Pop Up Movie trailer.

Like any public event hosted within the City, you are required to receive event approval prior to your event. Please visit Event Guidelines for information about running an event and to complete a Public Event Approval Application form.

Planning a Pop Up Movie night

Please consider the following before planning a Pop Up Movie night.

Aims and objectives

Identify the purpose of the movie screening. It may be to celebrate an occasion, activate a local space or simply to provide the community with entertainment and fun. Once you have identified why you are having the event, you will need to establish some basics for the night. For example:

  • How many people would you like to attend?
  • Who do you want to attend?
  • If you are celebrating an occasion (e.g. National Family Week or Harmony Week) how will you get the message across?
  • If you’re promoting your community group to increase awareness and/or membership, how will you get the message across?


You will need to determine how much money is available for the event, or how much you would like to spend. If you are hiring the City of Swan Pop Up Movie trailer the equipment is free, but you will need to cover the cost of the refundable bond of $500. You will also need to consider the following items in your budget:

  • Non Theatrical Movie license (essential for the screening of any movie to the public)
  • DVD purchase or hire
  • Venue and equipment hire if applicable, oval hire, additional bins, toilets etc
  • Catering. Will you be supplying food or drinks, asking for BYO, or having stall holders?
  • Entertainment. Will there be other entertainment prior to the movie such as a musical act or other activities?
  • Advertising/promotion of the event

The City of Swan Community Funding Scheme Grants for community projects and events are available throughout the year. Applications need to be submitted at least 12 weeks before the movie night. Information about the City’s funding can be found on the grants funding page.


 You will need to consider several things when deciding on an appropriate venue to host your Pop Up Movie event.


  • How many people does the area/venue hold? Is it big enough, or perhaps too large?
  • Are there enough toilets or will you need to provide additional?


  • Is the venue easily accessible for mothers with prams, children, seniors and people with disabilities?
  • Does the venue have enough parking for the number of attendees you are expecting? If at night, is the parking secure and well lit?


  • Consider proximity to other facilities that may cause light or noise interruption.
  • Consider proximity to residents that may be disrupted.
  • Consider vehicle access to the site for the trailer and support vehicles.

A practical guide to Creating Accessible Events prepared by the Disabilities Services Commission may also help you plan your event.

You will need to obtain permission from the copyright owner before screening any movie in public and you will need to pay the license fee. Failure to do so will mean a breach of copyright laws and could result in infringements. It is important to obtain your movie license prior to advertising the event, so you know your requirements and that your license has been approved. You will need a ‘Non - Theatrical License’ to screen a movie to the public. Information about obtaining a movie license is on the frequently asked questions page.                     

Select a movie which will appeal to your target group, such as a new release, an old classic, or a movie to match a themed event. When hiring the City of Swan Pop Up Movie trailer you are required to screen a movie rated PG or lower.

If your event is outdoors, the movie cannot start until the sun has set and it is dark enough. It is a good idea to start the event before the sun goes down so everyone can find their seat before dark. This may mean there is some spare time between the attendees arriving and the movie starting. You may wish to fill this time with some form of entertainment or activity to keep the crowd entertained.

Additional entertainment may also help to attract your target audience e.g. If you want families to attend you may wish to provide children’s activities prior to the movie starting.

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