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The City of Swan is Perth’s largest local government by land size, covering a huge 1,042 square kilometre area in Perth’s north-east. That’s almost 20 per cent of the Perth metropolitan area. 

This City is a dynamic and diverse community, with 1 in 3 residents born overseas, and 1 in 5 speaking a language other than English at home. The median age of residents is only 35, with almost half of households having children.

The City has one of the fastest growing populations in WA, with the population expected to soar from around 168,000 in 2023 to almost 300,000 by 2050. 

There is plenty of land available for development to support this growth in the 1,100-hectare Urban Growth Corridor. This residential growth area includes the booming suburbs of Ellenbrook, Brabham, Dayton and Caversham.

The City’s 42 suburbs include the strategic metropolitan centre of Midland, a thriving residential and economic hub that is being transformed by new developments and improved transport links. Midland is considered the gateway to regional WA, but is located just 10km from the Perth CBD. 

The City is also home to the industrial areas of Malaga, Hazelmere, and South Guildford, while future industrial sites near Ellenbrook and Bullsbrook will support further investment. 

The City has more than 13,000 GST registered businesses, employing more than 78,000 people*. The biggest sectors are health care and social assistance, retail, construction, education and training, and manufacturing.

In the 2021/22 financial year, the City’s Gross Regional Product rose 6 per cent to $11.37 billion, representing 2.8 per cent of the State’s gross product. 

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City statistics

The City of Swan Estimated Resident Population for 2022 is 163,817, with a population density of 157.2 persons per square km.

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The City of Swan's Gross Regional Product is estimated at $11.37 billion, which represents 3.01% of the state's GSP (Gross State Product).

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The City of Swan population forecast for 2023 is 168,334, and is forecast to grow to 298,965 by 2051.

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