Street trees and verges

The City improves streetscapes by planting and maintaining trees that provide shade, improve air quality and offer habitat and food for native animals.

Person planting a small tree.

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Street trees

At the City, we are responsible for the pruning and maintenance of trees that are located on the verge to minimise hazards, improve street presentation and ensure their long-term survival.

Please do not prune the trees yourself. We regularly undertake programmed maintenance of street trees but if you believe a tree needs pruning, please lodge a request.

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The City has guidelines(open in new window) designed to assist with inquiries about tree protection, planting, pruning, removal and maintenance. Please check these guidelines for more information on what is permitted to be grown on street verges.

Street trees are a valuable asset to the community and the removal of any tree must be approved by the City. Please do not remove trees yourself.

Street trees may be removed if they are:

  • dead or diseased and beyond remedial treatment
  • posing a risk to public and property safety
  • affected by public works and every option for preventing loss of the tree has been investigated without practical solution.

A tree will not be removed because of:

  • the obstruction of scenic views
  • a dislike of the species or its growth habit
  • leaf, fruit or bark shedding is causing a nuisance
  • a species being considered inappropriate to its location
  • an existing tree is in the way of, or within close proximity to a driveway crossover, unless there is no alternative
  • existing trees are in the way of, or within close proximity to a second or additional crossover.

In most cases, when a street tree is removed, we will request a suitable replacement tree be planted in its place.

For more information about street tree removal, please see the City’s Guidelines for Tree Protection, Planting, Pruning, and Removal and Maintenance.(open in new window)

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The City’s approval is required for all tree plantings on City land including those undertaken by developers, residents, community groups, City staff and/or by contractors on behalf of the City.

We receive requests for street trees throughout the year and planting is completed in winter. Requests are assessed against parameters such as available space, suitable species, existing themes, customer's requirements and soil conditions. Should requests exceed the available budget, customers will be waitlisted for the following year.

If you wish to plant a tree view our street tree selection list and our tree planting guidelines.

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A red flowering gum sapling planted along a road

Urban Forest Plan

Trees provide an important service in urban areas due to their ability to absorb carbon and purify the air that we breathe. They also help to cool outdoor spaces, particularly in heat-absorbing paved areas. Trees and other vegetation have a significant role in providing amenity, liveability, habitat for biodiversity and in supporting mental wellbeing for our community.

The Urban Forest Plan represents an integrated approach to supporting and enhancing our urban forest within the City’s operations and in the wider community. This plan seeks to provide healthy and diverse landscaping on public and private land supporting biodiversity, preserving natural amenity and protecting valuable natural plant resources as the region develops.


The City conducts programmed maintenance of streetscapes, which includes the slashing and mowing of unmaintained verges and spraying of footpaths, kerb lines and medians.

For more information on weed spraying and Glyphosate use please see Weed Control in the City of Swan(open in new window).

We only maintain verges in limited circumstances, such as in important public spaces (such as alongside parkland or along main streets).

Refer to our Verge Guidelines(open in new window) for further information.

Permission is not required for:

  • retention of naturally occurring native vegetation
  • grass
  • gardens
  • ground covers
  • organic mulch.

Refer to our landscape guidelines(open in new window) and our local plants information sheet prior to planting any shrubs, ground covers or trees on the verge.

If you are wanting to do a hardstand treatment such as paving or compact aggregate, a detailed plan must be submitted via our application to alter a verge form.

You are not allowed to have the following on your verge:

  • asphalt/bitumen
  • concrete
  • loose gravel/pebbles.

No structures are to be placed on the verge, including:

  • fences
  • retaining walls
  • letter boxes
  • seats
  • sheds.

For more information about structures on the verge refer to our Landscape Guidelines.

Parking a vehicle on a verge where no signage is in place is prohibited unless:

  • consent has first been provided by the adjacent property owner or occupier
  • the vehicle is a commercial vehicle that is loading or unloading goods or materials.

Obstructions to a footpath or carriageway are not allowed.

Larger vehicles such as buses, boats, trailers, and caravans, whether attached or unattached to a vehicle, are prohibited from stopping or parking on a verge at any time.

Vehicles may not be advertised for sale on a verge.

Contact us if someone parks on your verge without your permission.

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