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Find out the process of lodging a development application.

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You will need some information about your property before completing your application.

Refer to our interactive property map(open in new window) to confirm:

  • Your property’s ‘Zone’ code
  • If your property is:
    • In a flood prone area
    • In Swan River Trust’s Development Control Area
    • Heritage listed
    • In a heritage zone.

If your property is heritage listed or is in a heritage zone, do not progress any further. Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our senior planning staff.

Please also confirm if your property is:

The below developments must be referred to the Design Review Panel before lodging a Development Application.

  • Multiple dwellings and grouped dwellings of 10 units or more.
  • Developments that are three or more storeys (above natural ground level) excluding single residential dwellings and additions to single residential dwellings.
  • Major extensions or amendments to those proposals referred to above, which in the opinion of the City would benefit from review by the Design Review Panel.
  • All mandatory Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) proposals no matter the height (excluding applications that do not have a built form component).
  • All optional ‘opt-in’ JDAP proposals no matter the height (excluding applications that do not have a built form component).
  • Any amendment to a JDAP approval, which in the opinion of the City would benefit from a review by the Design Review Panel.
  • City proposals.
  • Any relevant development application, scheme amendment, activity centre plan, structure plan, policy, precinct plan, local development plan or design guidelines referred by the Executive Director, Planning and Development.

If your development falls within an above category, review the Design Review Panel page before progressing.

You will need to complete a Development Application for most developments. There are however some exemptions. To find out if you need to make an application, please refer to the following scheme ad regulations:

Download and complete the Development Application Form.(open in new window)

For help on how to complete this form, view our step-by-step guide.

Gather documents required to support your application. To find out what you will need, view the Planning checklists.

Aircraft noise

If your property is affected by aircraft noise, familiarise yourself with the Section 70A Notification(open in new window) process before submitting your application. This will save you time later.

Heritage Listed Area properties

If you are developing in Guildford/Mandoon, familiarise yourself with the Heritage requirements before progressing.

Submit your application either:


Please compile all documents in one bookmarked PDF and email it to

Please title the email as follows: Subject field: Application for Development Approval – Proposal Description – Property Address

In person or post

If the document size (too large) prohibits you from lodging your application via email, please post a USB containing your application and a covering letter advising what the USB drive is for. You do not need to submit a hardcopy of the application with the USB drive. 

City of Swan Administration
2 Midland Square

We will send you an invoice once we receive your application. View our schedule of fees.(open in new window)

Applications will not progress until the fee is paid.

Once you have submitted your application:

  1. It will be registered into our record keeping system
  2. You will receive your invoice for payment
  3. Our staff will review of your application to ensure it is complete
  4. If complete, your application will be assigned to an assessment officer
  5. We will check if any Government Agency or Public Utility referrals are required
  6. Public consultation will take place if required e.g. if your property is in a heritage area
  7. We will draft an assessment report and make a recommendation
  8. A decision will be made and you will receive email notification. This will include the stamped plans. 
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