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We promote responsible ownership of dogs in our community and our Rangers ensure dogs are registered and microchipped. All dog owners must comply with the Dog Act 1976

Register a dog

All dogs over three months of age must be registered. 

You can register your dog:



To register your dog in person, download this form(open in new window) and either:

  • Take it to our Administration Centre at 2 Midland Square, Midland between the hours of 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday.
  • Take it to one of our libraries. Please note that our libraries only accept credit card and EFTPOS payments.
  • Or post it to PO Box 196, Midland, WA, 6936.

Once your dog has been registered, a tag will be issued within 24 hours. You will be sent this by post.

If you have been issued an Animal Registration Renewal Notice, you must pay the renewal fee within 28 days of the issue date.

Renew dog registration online (open in new window)

You can also pay for your registration renewal in person in the following locations:

  • Our Administration Centre, 2 Midland Square, Midland between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Any City of Swan Library
  • At an Australia Post Office

Once your dog registration is renewed, a tag will be issued within 24 hours. You will be sent this by post.

Tags and collars

It is an offence for your dog not to wear a collar with the registration tag and you can be given an on-the-spot fine for failure to do so.

If your dog has lost its registration tag, please contact us for a free replacement.


All owners of dogs aged three months and over, are required to have their dog microchipped. Contact your vet for more information on having your pet microchipped.

A microchip is a permanent form of identification which allows a dog to be identified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that lost pets can be identified much more easily and returned more quickly. Impounded dogs are scanned for microchips when they arrive at the City’s animal management facility.

A dog is only exempt from microchipping if a veterinarian issues a certificate stating that the implantation of a microchip may adversely affect the health and welfare of the animal. 

Registrations are valid state-wide. If you move between local government areas, you are required to complete dog registration transfer papers.

If you move address please contact the Central Animal Registry on (02) 9704 1450 and the City of Swan.

All reserves, are dog exercise areas unless they are:

  • An area being used for sporting or other activities
  • A car park
  • Any thoroughfare
  • Specified in the table below:



Street Location(s) 


Central Park

Egerton Drive


Egerton Park

Wexcombe Way


Wistful Wetland Park, Bushland and Lake surrounds

Amethyst Parkway


Emu Lakes

Lakeshore Close & Summerlakes Parade


Central Lakes

Parkview Drive, Peppermint Crescent, Conifer Close


Altone Park, Lake surrounds

Benara Road


Sacramento Park

Sacramento Avenue


Maguire Park

Maguire Avenue


Lake Fresca

Ponte Vecchio Boulevard


Moulton Wetlands, Bushland and Lake surrounds

Moulton Track, Brookmount Drive, Charlottes Vista


Mornington Park

Mornington Parkway


Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve

Library Avenue


Brook Park

Paperbark Close


Woodlake Park

Waterview Grove


Stirling Square

Meadow Street  

Henley Brook

Sandown Park, Lake surrounds

Sandown Circle


John George Walk Trail

Bernley Drive (Lot 7528)

If a reserve is not in the table above or listed as prohibited, you may exercise your dog off a leash, however, you must have effective control of your dog. Find out about dog restricted and prohibited areas in our information sheet. (open in new window)

Remember, failure to clean up after your dog may result in a penalty.

Dangerous and nuisance dogs

If you have been attacked by a dog, or have concerns about a dangerous dog, find out what you need to do.

All dogs bark at times, which is acceptable however barking incidents cannot escalate to what is considered a nuisance.

If you believe a barking dog is causing a nuisance, try to resolve the issue directly with your neighbour. Download our Dear Neighbour letter(open in new window) to help with these initial discussions. 

Should the issue persist, contact us and request an investigation. You will need to keep a diary including the below information:

  • Date, time, location and duration of barking
  • Reason for dog barking (if known) noting what is happening in the area when the dog is barking
  • Where the dog is barking (front, back or side of property)
  • Any other relevant information to assist the dog owner in dealing with the issue.

Have you been attacked by a dog? View our victim of dog attack information sheet(open in new window)

Or has your dog attacked someone? View our owner information sheet.

How to prevent your dog attacking people and animals

As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for how your dog behaves.

  • Never allow your dog to wander unsupervised
  • Install secure fencing and regularly check it
  • When out keep your dog on a leash
  • You may only exercise your dog off the leash in designated dog exercise areas, however, you are still fully responsible for the control and behaviour of your dog.

View our information sheet on how to prevent dog attacks on livestock(open in new window).

Dangerous dogs

Under the Dog Act 1976(open in new window), your dog may be declared “dangerous” if it attacks, shows a tendency to attack or repeatedly rushes, threatens or chases people or animals.

If your dog is declared dangerous, you’ll have stricter requirements placed on you as the owner, as well as the doubling of modified penalties.

Restricted breeds

Special requirements apply when owning a dog that is considered a dangerous dog (restricted breed). View the restricted breeds information sheet(open in new window) for details about restricted breeds and special requirements. 

You can surrender you dog for a fee of $140. To surrender your dog, read the animal surrender form (open in new window)and contact us.

If your dog is missing and you believe it may have been impounded, please contact the City’s animal management facility.
Phone: (08) 9267 9494
Email: info@SwanAMF.com.au
Address: 12 Midas Road, Malaga

Open hours

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday 9am to 12pm or by appointment
  • The animal management facility is closed on Sundays and public holidays

View currently impounded dogs(open in new window).


All fees must be paid in full before impounded dogs are released from the City’s animal management facility. If your dog is unregistered, it must also be registered before it can be released.

  • Registered - $80
  • Unregistered - $100
  • Sustenance fee* - $23

*Sustenance fee per day (or part thereof)

If a dog is found wandering an infringement notice penalty may be issued.

If a dog is not claimed within the maximum period of 7 days, the animal becomes the property of the City and may be disposed of.

Excess dogs and breeding

Find out what you need to do if you want to keep more than two dogs, or breed dogs.

People who wish to keep more than two dogs, but no more than six may be required to have a three to six dog permit. View our information sheet(open in new window) for details about the permit. 

Apply for an excess dog permit(open in new window).

If you are considering breeding your dogs as a business, you are required to apply for a kennel licence. Please contact us to discuss.

Apply for a kennel licence(open in new window).

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