Does your organisation need volunteers?

Are you a community organisation needing volunteers?

The Swan Volunteer Resource Centre provides support, training and assistance to not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs and groups looking for volunteers. If you lead, coordinate or manage volunteers or if your organisation involves volunteers in any way, we encourage you to find out how we can assist you.

The service that the Swan Volunteer Resource Centre provides to community groups and organisations includes:

  • Free online listing of your volunteer positions
  • Referral of potential volunteers
  • Promotion of your volunteer vacancies in the Centre and throughout the community
  • Training, information and resources relating to volunteering
  • Best practice volunteer management advice 
  • Interaction with other volunteering websites in order to expose a wider range of potential volunteers to your vacancies

Become a member 

If you are a community group or organisation and would like to become a member of the the Swan Volunteer Resource Centre please fill out the Membership application form. Membership is free. 

List volunteer positions 

Once you've become a member of the Swan Volunteers Resource Centre, you will need to complete a Position Description Form for each position you wish to advertise. 

If you would like more information about what the Swan Volunteer Resource Centre can do to help your organisation do not hesitate to email us on

For tips on achieving excellence in your volunteer program, please take a look at our Volunteer Program Management Guidelines Resource Booklet(PDF, 2MB).