Emergency management risks

WALGA were contracted by the City of Swan to provide consultancy services to this project. The City of City of Swan provided management and guidance for this project assisted by members of the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). For the duration of this project, a new risk assessment tool known as the Community Emergency Risk Assessment Tool (CERAT) was trialled. The trial purpose was threefold:

  • Identify and analyse natural and technological hazards for the City of Swan; and
  • Assess the Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA) process and tool’s suitability for emergency risk assessment in local government.
  • Provide evidence that both the CERAT and the CERA process could provide a good fit and could be seen as complimentary to the City’s risk management framework.

The City of Swan LEMC and the risk project committee identified the following sixteen hazards for analysis in this process:  

  1. Bushfire
  2. Earthquake
  3. Flood (Riverine)
  4. Heatwave
  5. Severe Storm
  6. Transport Accident (Air crash)
  7. Transport Accident (Marine)
  8. Transport Accident (Rail)
  9. Transport Accident (Road)
  10. Service Disruption (Electricity)
  11. Service Disruption (Water)
  12. Hazardous Materials (Release from facility)
  13. Hazardous Materials Release (Transport)
  14. Human Epidemic
  15. Exotic Animal Disease
  16. Plant Epidemic.

Each identified hazard was described using a hazard description statement exploring the characteristics of the hazard and the likely impact on the community. The analysis of each hazard was guided by the CERA Tool and risk criteria supplied during the workshop to each participant. Through the process ratings confidence, maximum foreseeable consequence, current mitigation control activities, residual consequences and likelihood, residual risk rating, risk ratings by hazard description and potential impacts were all considered. The City now works with other agencies to identify treatments to reduce the impacts of these risks on the community.