Swan Seed Library


The Swan Seed Library, located at Guildford Public Library,  is a collection of free seeds that you can use to plant, grow and enjoy at home. 

The library is for gardeners, from beginner to expert, and is a place where you can learn how to grow, harvest and save seeds.

The seed collection depends on donations and seasons. Please check in frequently to see what’s available.

Our Seed Library is all about...

  • Supporting information and knowledge sharing
  • Creating a community-driven and sustainable seed collection
  • Creating new ways to strengthen community interaction and engagement with the library
  • Creating and building on community partnerships
  • Encouraging residents to enjoy their gardens and growing plants in abundance.

The process


  • Visit the seed library in person to borrow seeds. We’ll have different seeds available at different times of the year.
  • The collection includes a selection of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.
  • All you need to borrow a seed is a current City of Swan Library membership card. All children borrowing seeds should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Seeds can be checked out at the service desk in the library and there are no due dates for returning seeds.
  • The seed packets contain enough seeds to harvest a good crop and to save seeds for the collection.


  • Saving seeds is the practice of preserving seeds from plants to grow them next season.
  • Seed saving can be complicated and education on this is what the seed library is all about.
  • The methods for saving seeds depend on the plant and information is available from the library.
  • We can also connect you with other local gardeners.


  • Collect seeds from your healthiest and best plants. Remember to save seeds for yourself.
  • Place the rest of the seeds in clearly marked bags, envelopes or containers. Or collect a donation bag from the library.
  • Please complete the donation label on the bag with as much information as possible.
  • Bring your labelled seeds back to the Swan Seed Library.

For more information and FAQs, view the Swan Seed Library brochure(PDF, 10MB) .