Storage of waste


All premises must have access to a suitable waste receptacle. If you have a council issued green lid mobile garbage bin, then you are also entitled to a yellow lid recycling bin. Owners of rateable properties can apply for extra refuse or recycling bins or organise for damaged bins to be replaced by calling Customer Services on 9267 9267. Alternatively, you can organise your own waste receptacles.

Regardless of the type of bins that you use, it is important to ensure that these are stored in a location that will not lead to contamination of on-site stormwater drains or open ground. It is not acceptable to store waste material outside of bins.

For liquid waste or the storage of equipment or parts that have not been drained of liquids, these should be stored inside the building or provided with covers and bunding that prevent contamination in the event of a spill or following rain.

It is also recommended that businesses keep sufficient spill containment and clean up materials on hand at all times and ensure that these are replaced after use. This can prevent contamination of stormwater systems and land and avoid the site becoming classified as a contaminated site by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Remediation and clean-up costs following spills and accidents are usually far more costly than the cost of taking preventative measures and you are more likely to avoid any legal ramifications associated with causing pollution. Proof of having undertaken all necessary steps to prevent or contain an unauthorised discharge can be a defence in a court of law.