Supply and delivery of limestone

Tender name Supply and delivery of limestone
Tender number RFT21DM37-SOR
Advertisement proof RFT21DM37-SOR-Advert.pdf(open in new window)
Advertisement date May 22, 2021
Closing date June 9, 2021
Status Awarded
Opened in the presence of

Klara Vincent, Contracts and Procurement Officer, and Megan Callus, Acting Contracts and Procurement Manager

Bid items N/A
Authorised by City
Authorisation date June 23, 2021
Recommendation or minutes of OCM RFT21DM37-SOR-Recommendation.pdf(open in new window)

Reject all

Price consideration (ex GST) N/A
Submissions received

PRM Quarries P/L ATF WA Limestone Unit Trust T/A WA Limestone

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