Toodyay Road (Middle Swan) Drainage Upgrade Works

Tender name Toodyay Road (Middle Swan) Drainage Upgrade Works
Tender number RFT22PT04
Advertisement proof RFT22PT04-advert-proof-210115.pdf(open in new window)
Advertisement date January 15, 2022
Closing date February 9, 2022, 2:00 PM
Status Awarded
Submissions received

Delta Pty Ltd

Drainflow Services Pty Ltd 

Menchetti Consolidated Pty Ltd t/a MG Group WA 

Opened in the presence of

Klara Vincent Contracts and Procurement Officer, and Sebastian Rosati, Contracts Specialist

Bid items Lump Sum
Authorised by City
Authorisation date March 24, 2022
Recommendation or minutes of OCM/TRC RFT22PT04-Recommendation.pdf(open in new window)

Awarded: Delta Pty Ltd

Price consideration (ex GST) The contract value $852,630.70
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