Ellenbrook Local Area Plan

The most recent version of the Ellenbrook Local Area Plan was adopted in March 2023.

The plan highlights the priorities of the community identified during the consultation period. It also creates a roadmap for the City to plan for and deliver outcomes that meet the aspirations and needs of the community.

Current LAP Priorities

  1. Ellenbrook Youth Centre completion mid 2023 - Service residents aged 12-25 and provide a multi-functional space to socialise, connect, engage and participate.
  2. Support of the youth leadership committee - planning community events and initiatives.
  3. The Cool Room - functions weekly - holds activities and programs during school holidays.
  4. Swan Active Recreation and Aquatic Centre - delayed due to supply chain shortages - more updates to come. 

  1. More than 50 street trees planted - Broadway duplication in Ellenbrook (Elmridge to Bordeaux) and Gnangara Road widening project in Aveley (Henley Brook Road to Egerton Drive). 
  2. Support of the Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group - large scale revegetation in the Ellen Brook and Brockman River catchment. The City has provided over 10,000 seedlings planted in 2021/2022. 
  3. Provision of 3000 seedlings to five 'Friends Of' groups in 2021/2022

  1. Patrol services tender process undertaken - The Vines.
  2. Grant received for mobile tower CCTV units - 2021 - locations will include Ellenbrook. 
  3. City maintains communication and contact with the Ellenbrook Police in relation to community safety issues.
  4. CCTV provision and community safety measures for Metronet.
  5. Constable Care Partnership- safety workshops for primary and secondary schools.

  1. Swan Investment Guide - supports business and investment interests by providing information and advice and promoting Ellenbrook as a key commercial centre.
  2. Women in Business Workshops- partnership with Business Station - the outcomes of the workshops were as follows:
    • clarification of business ideas
    • adoption of a business mindset
    • improved business skills
    • personal growth
    • networking

  1. Ellenbrook Youth Centre - provides support services to young people's health, wellbeing and development - co-location of services such as:
    • counselling
    • financial training
    • employment training
  2. Support services based within the Ellenbrook Library such as:
    • Swan Alliance
    • Mission Australia
Youth performing to a crowd at Ellenbrook Youth Centres.

Projects in the local area

Find out what projects are happening in your local area. Check out our projects map where you will see projects in Ellenbrook, Aveley and The Vines.

What's on in the Ellenbrook local area

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