Pest control

We do not manage the control or removal of animal pests or invasive species, however we do work with a number of partners to support efforts. 

Aside from their nasty bites, mosquitoes can be serious pests and transmit diseases.

We are highly vigilant in the management of mosquito breeding and have a monitoring and control program in place. This includes:

  • Routine monitoring of known salt marsh mosquito breeding sites
  • Regular trapping of adult mosquitoes to gauge numbers
  • Treatment of mosquito breeding on public land
  • Enforcement of local laws in relation to breeding on private property
  • Investigation of complaints about excessive breeding
  • Follow-up questionnaires with residents who contract a mosquito-borne disease
  • Health promotion activities.

If you are experiencing problems with mosquitoes contact us or submit an investigation request form

We work with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to prevent the establishment of European wasps in WA. We set surveillance traps and when a European wasp is found, it is tracked back to its nest which is then destroyed by DPIRD.

Residents who have seen a European wasp can report it directly to DPIRD online, in new window) by using the MyPestGuideTM Reporter app(open in new window) or by contacting the Pest and Disease Information Service on +61 (0)8 9368 3080 or email

Quite often Paper wasps are mistaken for European wasps. For a comparison, please refer to the Department's Wasp Identification Guide(open in new window).

We maintain infrastructure, including weed/grass control in parks and drainage basins, that helps to reduce harbourage opportunity for rodents.

You can also help by limiting food and shelter available for these animals. If you want to rid your home of a rat or mouse, baiting and trapping are effective methods.

If after following this advice you still experience rodent problems please report the issue to us.

The science behind mosquito control

Did you know that it's only the female mosquito which bites? See how the City of Swan's Mosquito Control Program tackles the world's most deadly animal.

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