Do I need approval from the City of Swan?


The City's approval is not required if the keeping of bees is a non-commercial hobby or activity which is ancillary to the predominant use of your property (ie. residential, rural living). The City does not have any local laws regarding the keeping of bees, therefore most residents can keep bees as long as they comply with other legislative requirements.

However, should the keeping of bees extend beyond this into a commercial operation as a business, or requires a more substantial operation to conduct what is considered minor and ancillary, this may have planning implications. If you think your operation may fall into this category, it is recommended that you contact one of our Statutory Planning Officers on 92679267 to discuss.

Some other local government authorities have specific local laws or are considering the implementation of new local laws to govern the keeping of bees therefore residents should always check with their local authority to confirm what approvals are required.