Wandering livestock


It is vital that together we make our roads as safe as possible for all motorists. Landowners are responsible for keeping stock securely confined.

It is the responsibility of all landowners to ensure that when placing stock into paddocks adjacent to highways or roads that fencing is of an adequate standard to keep stock enclosed. Owners and occupiers of grazing properties are liable for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of stock wandering outside the property boundary.

Failure to securely confine livestock could result in animals being impounded. Impoundment costs and/or a modified penalty per animal may be incurred.

The City of Swan may also issue a fencing notice to the person responsible for keeping livestock, which could require them to bring their fencing up to a standard capable to ensure stock are securely contained.

If you see stray livestock on verges or reserves, please report this to Customer Services on 9267 9267 immediately. It’s important that you don’t place yourself at risk while you’re waiting for a Community Safety Advocate to arrive.