Mobile printing

All of the City of Swan libraries offer mobile printing accessible from home or in the library.

Send pictures, documents, ticket or boarding passes from your tablet, smartphone device, laptop or home computer to a printer at any of the City's libraries.

How to use mobile printing

For your convenience there are three ways to use mobile printing. Save time by using any of these methods instead of having to join the library and waiting for a public PC to become available.

1. PrinterOn App

Manage your printing by downloading and installing the PrinterOn app onto your device, iOS and Android.  The PrinterOn app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Open the PrinterOn app and select Tap here to select a printer.
  2. Click on the Search (magnifying glass) and type in the name of the library you want to collect you printing from, e.g. Beechboro or Midland. You will see a list of the ‘printers’ available for that library.
  3. Select the preferred printer.
  4. Now go to your document or photo and select:
    1. for Apple devices- Open in PrinterOn
    2. for Androids- Share via PrinterOn
  5. Click on print and enter your email address and then select the tick in the top right corner.

You will receive confirmation with Job Started, then Job Success.

2. Printing via email

Forward your email with your document or image attached to unique email address for the nearest library branch.

Beechboro Library(PDF, 107KB) 

Ballajura Library(PDF, 107KB)

 Bullsbrook Library(PDF, 75KB)

Ellenbrook Library(PDF, 108KB)

 Guildford Library(PDF, 107KB)

Midland Library(PDF, 107KB)

Printing options for A3 are also available.

You will receive an email confirmation that your print has been received.

3. Printing via the website

Print from your laptop or home computer. Select the nearest library and enter the web address into your browser.

Print to Beechboro Library

Print to Ballajura Library

Print to Bullsbrook Library

Print to Ellenbrook Library

Print to Guildford Library

Print to Midland Library

Paying and releasing your print jobs

At Ballajura, Beechboro, Ellenbrook, Guildford and Midland libraries go to a Self Service Kiosk PC to release the print job and pay.

At Bullsbrook library approach a staff member who will release the print job and take payment.

Printing options for A3 are also available.

Printing costs:

A4 Black and White (bw)                    $ 0.20  per side

A4 Colour (col)                                    $ 1.00  per side

A3 Black and White (bw)                    $ 0.40  per side

A3 Colour (col)                                    $ 2.00  per side