Air Quality


Air quality is something we often take for granted because, compared to previous generations and other places in the world, our air is generally good. That’s why, when excessive smoke and odour problems occur, it’s so noticeable.

While we all have an impact on our neighbours from time to time (eg smoke from a BBQ, odour from garden fertiliser), sometimes this affect can be unreasonable.  When excessive smoke or odours in the community occur, they can be subject to local nuisance laws. Under health legislation, it’s against the law to cause the accumulation of impurities, smokes and gases which are offensive, injurious or potentially dangerous to health.


Pollution can take many forms and can negatively affect the air, soil and water quality. Examples of pollution include:

  • Spills contaminating soil or water
  • Smoke
  • Odours and fumes
  • Noise

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is the state agency managing environmental pollution in Western Australia. The City provides advice and assistance on pollution issues to the DWER. 

Air quality index

For air quality data in Western Australia see the Air quality index page on the DWER's website. Data is updated hourly.

Reporting issues

You may report the issue to the City for further investigation either by telephoning 9267 9267 or following the link to our investigation request form.