Terms & Conditions for bulk waste verge collections

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The following Terms & Conditions must be met for any bulk waste verge collection bookings, including: green waste, general waste and mattress collections.

  • Only the items you booked will be collected from the verge on your selected date.
  • Place items out no more than 48 hours (2 days) prior to collection. Putting your items out more than two days prior to the date of your scheduled collection could result in an infringement for illegal dumping. 
  • One collection is three (3) cubic metres(PNG, 80KB) of material.
  • If you notice any items added to your verge prior to the collection, please notify the City as soon as possible.
  • If you need to change your booking, please phone the City at least one full week prior to your collection date. Failure to do so may result in you using up one of your allocated bulk collections for the year.
  • Separate your items out so there is a clear gap between any of the following: green waste; general waste; e-waste; metal and mattresses. Please refer to the 'How to set out your waste' leaflet for further clarification (also shown below).
  • Do not place material on driveways, near sprinklers, water meters,boxes, power poles, trees or other obstructions, as they may be damaged when waste is collected mechanically. It may also result in your waste not being collected.
  • Do not obstruct the footpath, your normal bin service, or the line of sight for motorists.
  • Items such as glass tables or panels, tyres, hazardous and building materials will not be collected. Please read more about what will and will not be accepted from verge collections.
  • Materials must not exceed 1.5 metres in length or stumps larger than 300mm in diameter.
  • Loose green waste must be placed in cardboard boxes, not plastic bags.

How to set out your waste guide


Bulk waste layout - please separate these types of waste: green waste, general waste, e-waste, metal and mattresses.