Waste fees & charges

Waste fees and charges are generally applied to your annual rate notice. For all new bin services waste fees are applied to an interim rate notice.

Breakdown of fees associated with bin services

Service Fee (including GST) Payment method
Waste Recycling Services Charge $436 (annual pro-rata) Rate notice
New or additional 240L general waste bin $67 (establishment)
+ $436 (annual pro-rata)
Rate notice
New or additional 360L recycling bin $67 Rate notice
660L recycling bin (businesses only) $405 (establishment)
+ $438 (annual pro-rata)
Rate notice
Event hire – general waste bin $18.50 per bin Invoice
Event hire – recycling bin^ FREE^ N/A

The Waste and Recycling Services charge for 2020/2021 is $436 and encompasses a number of services including:

  • A weekly refuse bin or household pass for those exempt;
  • A fortnightly recycling bin;
  • On call bulk verge collection or trailer passes in areas not receiving bulk verge collection;
  • Street and park litter bins;
  • Illegal dumping clean ups;
  • Litter clean ups;
  • Pensioner and disabled service assistance;
  • Community bins;
  • Deceased animal disposal from public areas;
  • Recyclable goods drop off days;
  • Recycling Centres
  • Waste education programs;
  • Natural and major disaster recovery clean ups.