Health Services investigation request


The City is responsible for maintaining public health standards within the community. This is commonly achieved by enforcing legislative requirements. Members of the community who believe legislation is being breached and standards are not being maintained may lodge a request and the matter will be investigated.

It should be noted that the City can only take action where legislation permits it to do so.  

The City has a form for general public health requests and a form for noise investigations. If the request is for something different please contact the City on 9267 9267 so the request can be received and allocated to the relevant business unit.

To avoid delays in the investigation please provide as much information as possible. Detailed the information helps the City assess the situation and determine whether it is likely to be an offence under specific legislation requirements. It also helps the City demonstrate to any alleged offender that it is fully aware of the facts concerning the situation.

Before lodging the request form it is recommended that you first view the accompanying guides, which provide additional supporting information.

General Public Health Investigation Request

Noise Investigation Request

For further information on Health Services investigation requests, please contact the City on 9267 9267.