Provision of general building works and services

Tender name Provision of general building works and services
Tender number RFT22VM65-SOR
Advertisement proof RFT22VM65-SOR-Advert-proof-07-01-2023.pdf(open in new window)
Advertisement date January 7, 2023
Closing date February 1, 2023, 2:00 PM
Status Awarded
Submissions received

Hoskins Investments Pty Ltd atf M R Hoskins Family Trust t/a AE Hoskins Building Services 

Access Without Barriers Pty Ltd t/a AWB Co. 

Budo Group Pty Ltd 

Crowe Group WA t/a Breffni Group

Devco Holdings Pty Ltd

JDS Building Maintenance Services Pty Ltd

DNW Solutions Pty Ltd t/a Kineticon Group

Opened in the presence of

Kevin Lawi, Contracts and Procurement Officer, and Sebastian Rosati, Contracts Specialist

Bid items Schedule of Rates
Authorised by The City
Authorisation date March 31, 2023
Recommendation or minutes of OCM/TRC RFT22VM65-SOR-Recommendation.pdf(open in new window)

Awarded: Devco Holdings Pty Ltd

Price consideration (ex GST) Anticipated contract value $1,634,280.00
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