Provision of traffic management and control services

Tender name Provision of traffic management and control services
Tender number RFT23RS33-SOR
Advertisement proof RFT23RS33-SOR-Advert-Proof-29-04-23.pdf(open in new window)
Advertisement date April 29, 2023
Closing date May 17, 2023, 12:00 AM
Status Awarded
Submissions received

Advanced Traffic Management (WA) Pty Ltd

Atlus Traffic Pty Ltd 

Contra-flow Pty Ltd 

Evolution Traffic Management

Overwatch Traffic Services Pty Ltd 

TMSW Pty Ltd ATF TMSW Unit Trust T/A Traffic Force

WARP Pty Ltd 

WCP Civil Pty Ltd 

Welstand Services Pty Ltd T/A LGC Traffic Management

Workforce Road Services Pty Ltd 

Opened in the presence of

Kevin Law, Contracts and Procurement Officer, and Caitlin Lewis, Contracts and Procurement Officer

Bid items Schedule of rates
Authorised by Council
Authorisation date July 12, 2023
Recommendation or minutes of OCM/TRC 5-4-PROVISION-OF-TRAFFIC-MANAGEMENT-AND-CONTROL-SERVICES-RFT23RS33-SOR.pdf(open in new window)

Awarded: Contra-flow Pty Ltd 

Price consideration (ex GST) Anticipated contract value $8,729,286.75
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