Policies and local laws

The City of Swan has develops policies and local laws in line with organisational and legislative requirements.

The City of Swan has a number of Council policies that have been adopted by Council. These policies are reviewed on a regular basis.

If you can't find the policy you're looking for here, it may not have been officially adopted by Council yet.

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Local laws of Swan are laws that govern what happens on land owned or managed by the City, and occasionally on privately owned land within the City's boundaries.

The City of Swan has enacted a number of local laws to ensure that activities throughout the City are regulated, controlled and efficiently managed.

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The City of Swan has a number of City policies. These are reviewed on a regular basis.

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A Local Planning Policy sets out specific rules for different development types. It is still prepared under the provisions of Local Planning Scheme No.17.

Local Planning Policies are extremely useful, as they give guidance about how a development will be assessed by planning authorities.

This information is important when preparing an application or design for the building of any type of structure.

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