Swan View Local Area Plan

The most recent version of the Swan View Local Area Plan is due to be adopted in April 2023.

The plan highlights the priorities of the community identified during the consultation period. It also creates a roadmap for the City to plan for and deliver outcomes that meet the aspirations and needs of the community.

Current LAP priorities

  1. Increase safety and crime prevention initiatives 
  2. Support and improve natural landscapes, bushland and public open spaces
  3. Provide more support for positive social activities for young people
  4. Increase local tree canopy by planting more trees
  5. Promote and strengthen cross-cultural community relationships 
  6. Improve accessibility to nearby businesses and services
A vineyard and restaurant in Swan Valley

Projects in the local area

Find out what projects are happening in your local area. Check out our projects map where you will see projects in Stratton, Jane Brook, Midvale, Swan View and Red Hill.

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