Henley Brook Avenue (Gnangara Road to Park Street)

Upgrade and extend Henley Brook Avenue from Gnangara Road to Park Street.

Project status

  • Initial stages of road construction have started on site
  • Service relocation planning is underway. 

Project timeline

Community consultation

Completed in 2023/24

Construction start

Progressing in 2023/24

Construction finish

Scheduled for 2025/26


Henley Brook Avenue plays a crucial role in enhancing the road network by establishing a north/south connection. This helps manage the growing traffic flow resulting from local developments. 

It will also serve as a dedicated route for commuter traffic, diverting vehicles away from West Swan Road, which is primarily intended for tourist traffic.

Throughout construction, all machinery, plant, equipment, and vehicles will adhere to the noise prevention standards outlined in the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 and AS2436-2010.

A comprehensive traffic noise assessment for the proposed works has been conducted, and the City will incorporate the recommended measures into the design to address noise concerns.

Council have resolved to only construct to Park Street. City staff are currently gathering the required information for Council briefing. After this, further guidance will be sought from Council.

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