Public art and collections

With limitless potential and ever-changing expression, art in public places continues a dialogue with its location, adding to the vibrancy of a place. 

Our collection includes 183 artworks, which catalogues arts and cultural development over the past 50 years.

The collection contains paintings, prints, drawings, ceramics and sculpture, encompassing works of historical and contemporary significance.

Artworks are displayed at City offices, foyers, libraries and community venues.

Our public art collection includes 200 pieces, ranging from functional and integrated artworks to new iconic commissions.

This collection tells local stories and creates recognisable landmarks across the city.

The first artwork in the City’s Public Art Collection - a bronze sculpture called Water Bird, created by Jon Tarry - was commissioned in 1990. This work resides at the Ballajura Library.

The majority of the works are sculptural and made by a local artists. Very few of the City’s public artworks were commissioned from artists with no local connections.

We recognise the benefits of public art, and champions the commission of artworks that:

  • Reflect local culture and customs
  • Reference of local history
  • Add character to a landmark
  • Reflects the values and aspirations of a modern city.

Any significant development proposals should contribute to public art. Development projects with a construction cost of $2 million or more should include at least 1 per cent of its cost towards public art.

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