Merchant Service Fee (MSF)

Why does the City Charge a Merchant Service Fee (MSF)?

Whenever a card is used to make a payment the City is charged a Merchant Service Fee by the bank.

The City of Swan incurs substantial costs in respect of these transactions fees. A card surcharge is applied so that only customers who choose to pay by card bear the cost of these merchant fees.

Is the merchant fee included in the transaction amount or as an additional fee?

The fee is applied on top of your transaction amount when you pay.

If I do not wish to pay the card surcharge how else can I pay the City of Swan?

If you pay by cash or cheque you will not be charged a MSF.

BPAY and direct debit payments from your bank account for Rates will not be charged a MSF.

Australia Post payments for Rates and Animal Registrations will not incur a MSF.

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