Burning garden refuse during the Restricted Period

You must exercise extreme vigilance if you are conducting a burn during the Restricted Period.

Ensure you regularly check your burn up to 48 hours after completion to prevent re-ignition and escaped burns.

During the Restricted Burning Period, you may be able to burn 1m2 of garden refuse provided you meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • The Fire Danger Rating is not High or above
  • A Total Fire Ban has not been declared
  • Your property is larger than 2000m2
  • The pile is only lit between 6pm and 11pm
  • It is fully extinguished by midnight
  • The pile is less than 1 cubic metre
  • Only one pile alight at any time
  • A 5 metre wide area clear of flammable material completely surrounds the pile
  • The material you burn is only dry vegetative matter
  • A person capable of and appropriately equipped to control the fire is in attendance at all times
  • You notify your neighbours of your intention to burn
  • You register your burn with the DFES Communication Centre on 9395 9209
  • The smoke does not cause nuisance to neighbours or present a hazard to road users.
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