Information for food businesses

Food businesses are no longer required to submit an application for approval to the City’s Health Services. It is however their responsibility to ensure they comply with the Food Act 2008 requirements and to submit either a New Food Business Registration Form or a Notification for an Exempt Food Business Form prior to operating. Separate approvals from the City’s Planning and Building Services may also be required.

To assist food proprietors meet their obligations the City has developed a number of forms and guidelines.


New Food Business Registration Form

New Home Based Food Business Registration Form

Notification Form for an Exempt Food Business

Change of Ownership Form

Settlement Enquiry Form


A guide for new food business proprietors

A guide to the structural requirements of food premises

A guide to the operational requirements of food premises

A guide to food businesses from residential premises

Pest control for food businesses

The City uses a risk profiling tool to classify all food businesses based on the risk of their food and food handling activities. This classification is then used to determine the frequency of inspections and the annual fee for each premises.

If you have any questions regarding setting up or running a food business and would like further information please do not hesitate to contact the Health Services on 9267 9267.