Improve accessibility

As a business owner, you can undertake simple steps to improve your accessibility and inclusiveness. 

First complete an Accessibility Audit, then implement identified improvements, and finally promote the initiatives you have undertaken.

Step 1 - Undertake an Accessibility Audit

Service providers that offer Accessibility Audits will attend your business and give you workable checklists on how to improve. Check out the providers below and choose the option that best meets your needs.

An alternative option is to check out the Accessible Business Program Guide(open in new window) by our friends, the City of Belmont. They also have a great self-assessment checklist, which is worth a look. 

Step 2 - Implement improvements

Your Accessibility Audit will include ways to make your business accessible and inclusive for all. With your audit in hand, it is now time to:

Step 3 - Promote your business

Promoting your business’ accessibility features helps raise awareness and sets you apart.

Update your Google Business profile and use your social media platforms to market your accessibility features. Tag local disability services and the City of Swan for further reach. Check out this article from Google on how to update your Google Business profile.(open in new window)

Contact local disability service providers and let them know about your access and inclusion features. They may just bring their clients into your business for an outing.

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