Malaga Local Area Plan

The Malaga Local Area Plan (Version 2) was adopted in June 2019. The plan outlines the community's priorities, which are determined by the feedback received throughout the consultation period.  

Malaga key information



Improving parking compliance and its impacts

  • The City is aware of hotspots in Malaga and conducts proactive patrols to educate and manage parking behaviours.
  • The City investigates properties where designated parking bays on private properties are being used for other purposes.

Improving pedestrian and cycle connectivity

  • New designs have been proposed for the Malaga footbridge planned to go over Tonkin Highway. This will give residents and workers in Malaga, Ballajura and surrounding suburbs safe access to the METRONET Malaga Station for walking and cycling.

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Reducing illegal dumping and minimising its impacts

  • Recycling Centre – Malaga has contributed to the reduction of illegal dumping from 392.24t in 2017/18 to 180.34t in 2022/23, a massive 54 per cent reduction. In 2022/23, 28,219 vehicles entered the centre.

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  • The City has a bin tagging program whereby staff conduct checks of bins and provide constructive feedback on how businesses can recycle better. This has resulted in a 40 per cent improvement in recycling in Malaga.

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  • The City has an online reporting tool which allows community members to report littering and illegal dumping in their areas. In 2022/23, 46 litter work requests were reported in Malaga.

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Improving community safety through lighting and CCTV

  • The City periodically deploys mobile CCTV cameras throughout Malaga and continues to work with the Malaga Crime Management Forum by contributing to the maintenance of existing CCTV cameras.

Improving traffic and road safety flows

  • The City plans to install overhead mast arms (used to place traffic and street signs above the roadway for maximum visibility) at the intersection of Victoria Road and Malaga Drive in 2023/24.
Growth of compatible and rational land uses in Malaga
  • The City reviewed the Investment Sheet for Malaga in ‘22, incorporating recent developments, such as the Malaga Train Station, Film Studios and also identifying areas for investment opportunities.
  • The City’s Local Planning Scheme review will allow the area to adapt to meet the needs of a changing commercial area whilst retaining its essential industrial core, through the introduction of definitions.

Malaga Local Area Priorities (relative dot points are referenced on the map by priority number)

Priority 1 - Improving Parking Compliance and its Impacts
  • The City’s Community Safety Parking team conduct more regular patrol parking patrols within Malaga, however generally parking behaviour in this area is safe and within the rules.
Priority 2 - Pedestrian and Cycle Connectivity
  • In March 2020 the City completed re-construction of a principle shared pathway (PSP) along Reid Highway from Malaga Drive to Altone Road, providing greater connections and convenience to cyclists and pedestrians. The path provides a safer environment for cyclist and pedestrians with lighting, wayfinding signs, pavement markings and landscaping.
Priority 3 - Reduce Illegal Dumping and Minimising its Impacts
  • The Malaga Recycling Centre is opened every Thursday-Sunday and free to all City of Swan residents. The centre is located on Cogla Street and accepts green waste, brick rubble, clothing, cardboard, containers, e-waste and more. The facility is increasing recycling capacity of the City and the community.
  • The City has a bin tagging program, whereby staff conduct checks of bins and provide constructive individual feedback on how each business can recycle better. This has resulted in a 40% improvement in recycling in Malaga during the audit period.
Priority 4 - Improving Community Safety through Lighting and CCTV
  • The City continues to work with the Malaga Crime Management Forum through funding contributions to the maintenance of existing CCTV cameras, as well as trialling mobile CCTV.
Priority 5 - Improve Traffic and Road Safety and Flows
  • The City continues to apply for Black Spot funding and monitors traffic safety and complaints, and investigates where relevant.
Priority 6 - Ensure the Growth of Compatible and Rational Land Uses in Malaga
  • The City’s Investment sheet for Malaga is currently being reviewed by an external consultant, project led by Business and Tourism Services team.
  • The review of the City’s Local Planning Scheme will allow the area to adapt to meet the contemporary needs of an industrial area whilst retaining its essential industrial core etc. The review will see the introduction of definitions which are generally consistent with this.


An aerial view of Malaga

Projects in the local area

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