Find out here about bin days, what can go into bins, how to request a new bin and report a bin that wasn’t collected. Further information is also available in our Waste and Recycling Guide. For information on waste fees and charges, please see additional fees and charges.

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Request a new bin

Request a bin repair or replacement - green lid

Request a bin repair or replacement - yellow lid

Find my bin day

View our waste and recycling calendar

A bin being collected on bin day

On bin day

To make sure your bin gets emptied, please:

  • Put bin(s) out by 6am on the day of collection
  • Place bins at least half a metre apart
  • Check overhead power lines, trees, objects or works are not blocking our trucks from accessing your bins
  • Make sure bins are not overflowing or too heavy (bins over 70kg will not be collected)
  • Make sure you are using a City of Swan bin, these have our stamp on the lid.

Bin reminders!

For an easy way to remember your bin date, why not set up a reminder? All you need to do is download the Recycle Right app.(open in new window)

View the A-Z guide to find out what belongs in which bin. 

Items that go into your recycle bin

  1. Glass bottles and jars
  2. Plastic bottles and containers
  3. Cans
  4. Cardboard
  5. Paper

Please make sure all items are loose, rinsed and the lids are off.

Items that go into general waste bin

  1. Damaged clothing
  2. Nappies
  3. Polystyrene
  4. Coffee cups
  5. Soft plastics
  6. User paper towels or tissues
  7. Food scraps
  8. Garden organics
  9. Food soiled cardboard

Items that can not go into any bin

Please take these to a local drop of centre.

  1. Batteries
  2. Light globes
  3. E-waste
    1. TV, Computers and their peripherals
  4. Paint
  5. Aerosol cans

Request a new bin

Request a new bin(open in new window)

Request a bin repair or replacement

If your residential bin (yellow or green lid) is damaged, you can request a repair or replacement. 

Request a bin repair or replacement - green lid

Request a bin repair or replacement - yellow lid

If your bin is missing or is too damaged to hold any waste, contact us via telephone to request an urgent replacement

All rateable residential properties are given a 240 litre general waste bin (green lid) and a 360 litre recycling bin (yellow lid).

Once you’ve moved into your property, simply lodge your request online(open in new window) or contact us.

New bins are delivered in three to five working days.

All rateable business properties can request a general waste service with a 240 litre general waste bin (green lid) and a 360 litre recycling bin (yellow lid).

To receive a waste service to your property, you will need to contact your property owner or manager and ask them to request a bin service. They can arrange this by contacting us or lodging an online form(open in new window).

Businesses can also apply for a larger recycling bin with a capacity of 660L. There is a one-off establishment cost. Please contact us to discuss.

If your bin wasn’t collected, there are a number of reasons why. For example, our collection schedule may have changed, or your bin may have been too full, contaminated or inaccessible.

To report your bin wasn’t collected, please contact us. Please wait until 3pm in to report the issue as occasionally collection times change.

The City of Swan’s bin tagging program is a direct, household-by-household educational program aiming to improve the recycling habits and reduce contamination in general waste and recycling bins. 

The program involves a simple visual assessment of the contents of each household’s general waste and recycling bin, followed by individual feedback about how each household can ensure their recycling and general waste bins are as healthy as can be.

The feedback is provided in the form of tags attached to the bins’ handles.

Who will be taking part?

We’ve selected a small portion of households and businesses in the City of Swan to take part in the program. Each property selected to take part in the program will be audited multiple times over an eight week period.

What information do you record?

Our auditing team will record any contaminants in your bin that are visible from a visual assessment. City officers will not be ‘rummaging’ through bins or viewing personal information, rather they will be aiming to gain a general overview of how your household is sorting your waste. 

What will be done with the information?

We’ll be analysing what the main contaminants are in peoples bins, in order to determine how we can improve our waste education. We will also be analysing whether the auditing program results in any household-by-household improvements over the eight-week period.

What happens if I continue to put waste in the wrong bin?

If you continue to contaminate your bin consistently over the bin auditing program, we will not collect your bin. You will need to remove the contaminants we list on your bin tag before you put your bin out for the next collection day. This is a last resort only, and will only happen after multiple attempts have been made to provide feedback on correcting the contents of your bin.

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