Dayton District Open Space

The construction of a recreational space for residents including sports pavilions, youth facilities, AFL ovals, hockey fields, netball courts and other play areas.

Project status

  • Stage 2 construction has reached practical completion and Dayton District Open Space is now open to the public

  • Leisure Services is coordinating with all sporting stakeholders for training and game day timetables

  • Community Services will soon run family and community programs from the Dayton Family Hub.

Project timeline

Stage one completion

Completed in August 2022

Stage two completion

Scheduled for May 2024

Hockey games

Starting in May 2024

AFL games

Starting in July 2024

Cricket games

Starting in October 2024

Community Open Day

To be confirmed


Stage two is the last major construction stage for this project. The City is planning to install public art in the 2024/25 financial year. Community consultation was undertaken in October 2023 and results will help the City brief the artist.

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